100 g RMS

Vibration Isolated IMU

Challenging ultra high vibration levels

Isolating an IMU from harsh environment

A challenge was accepted: how can you isolate an IMU from ultra high vibration without damaging key factors like bandwidth or cross coupling alignment? Special isolators were designed for suspending the IMU so most vibration effects were eliminated. After numerous successful testing, the IMU was fully qualified.  Thousands of units were produced with over 10 successful batch qualifications.

Medium Range Surface to Air Missile
An IMU had to be designed to withstand 100 g RMS vibration levels.
Special vibration isolators were chosen. The system was fully suspended and isolated from the vibration with no specification degradation.


MTAG development: replacing our mechanical Seeker gyro with a MEMS substitute.
Case Study


Adding our calibration layer to an already implemented MEMS IMU
Case Study