Test System for Customer

Testing in customer production line

Once an IMU has cleared Condor Pacific testing, we guarantee its specifications. The systems are shipped to customers worldwide. Our customer wanted to test the system in the assembly line just before implementing the IMU inside the missile section. The test output should be a simple Go/No Go, should cover as many parameters as possible, and be operated by an assembly line worker.

We designed a small single axis rate table with a set of measuring devices, and a special software  interface to our IMU. The IMU was tested to all main specifications in 3 axes of rotation and 3 axes of acceleration by manually rotating the IMU. The commands for rotation of the system were given via a screen. All testing were done automatically.  A Go/No Go output was given on screen.

The system is up and running for more than 7 years with zero malfunctions and with full satisfaction of customer.

Missile assembly line
Testing the IMU just before implementation inside the missile.
We designed a simulator with an interface to our IMU. The IMU was tested to all main specifications. A display software gave a Go/No go to the worker.


Adding our calibration layer to an already implemented MEMS IMU
Case study


MTAG development: replacing our mechanical Seeker gyro with a MEMS substitute.
Case study