Our story

Condor Pacific Ltd- more than 35 years in the inertial business

How we started

Condor Pacific Ltd., was started in 1983. In those days the company assembled rate gyros from kits for our sister company, Condor Pacific Industries Inc., in California. Many of those first employees from the early 80’s are still with us today. The company is a private company with all shares held by Sid Meltzner.

Multiple production lines

The first mechanical gyros were designed in the early 90’s and 2000; these included a family of single axis floated rate gyros – R5 and a family of very small PZT two axes gyros – TAG. Condor Pacific also developed a number of electronics packages to operate these gyros. Tens of thousands of mechanical gyros have been manufactured during the years

Array of high-quality reliable products

In parallel the infrastructure for the design, manufacturing and calibration was established. This included clean rooms, a large number of single and two axes rate tables, with and without temperature chambers, shakers and stand-alone temperature chambers

Looking to the future

In the last 10 years CPL has been involved in the design and manufacture of MEMS based subsystems such as IMUs – CLIP and multi-axes rate packages – MTAG, and CMS.

Our In-House Capabilities

End-to-end in-house production capabilities for comprehensive, tailored solutions


Condor Pacific redesigns legacy systems with cutting-edge MEMS technology in addition to offering its customers Low-cost, minimal-risk legacy replacements with high performance.