Mechanical Rate Gyro

Condor Pacific’s sub-miniature, R5 Series Rate Gyro is a fluid damped, angular rate sensor. It has been manufactured for many years in very high quantities and has a field proven record of very long life, high reliability and ruggedness. Its advanced design is in accordance with Condor Pacific’s long established experience with guidance and control instruments for the military. Condor maintains a tight Quality Assurance Program insuring the quality inherent in the design

Tailored offering

Custom range, Bandwidth and
operating frequencies allows
flexibility in design

Reliable and Rigid

A well proven design, tens
of thousands of units were
manufactured, with rigid design,
the rate gyro is ideal for harsh

Long life, Very High MTBF

With many years of experience,
the Rate Gyro has a very long
life with no calibration, and a
very high MTBF number.


Gyro full scale 20 to 400°/sec
Gyro Scale Factor analog output10-200mV/°/sec
Gyro scale factor, OTR1%
Non linearity error of input1%
Bandwidth (90° shift phase), configurable70Hz
Gyro Zero offset, OTR0.3°/sec
Noise (1-100 Hz)0.1deg / sec RMS
Misalignment (all axes), OTR3mRad
Weight 100gram
Start time2Sec
g sensitivity0.02deg/sec/g
Power Motor Run2-4Watt
Temperature-40 to +80°C
Life Expectancy20000Hours
Parameters in table are Max.


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