Tactical North Seeker


NS40 is an ultra small Inertial based tactical North Seeker and keeper, designed to work in harsh conditions. With stand alone capabilities or as an add-on to any navigation system, NS40 is the best cost effective North seeking device on the market.

True North in GNSS deprived environment

Based on open loop FOG technology, NS40 can detect earth rotation and calculate the geographic north (True North)

Fast and accurate

Initial North azimuth calculated after less than 60 seconds with full accuracy after 300 seconds. Integrated IMU for full 6 DOF measurements.

Cost to performance 

A small tactical system, NS40 is a cost effective solution for any navigation system that must have an accurate initial North azimuth


Coarse North50mRad
Fine North20mRad
Fine North FT (Full time)<10mRad
North keeping 10 minutes20mRad
Pitch, Roll stationary5mRad
IMU gyro full scale300deg/sec
Bandwidth (90° shift phase), configurable60-100Hz
IMU accelerometers full scale20g
Misalignment (all axes), OTR1mRad
Dimensions60X60X70 mm
Power supply6.5V
g sensitivity0.002deg/sec/g
Current (max)1A
Temperature-40 to +70°C
Parameters in table are Max.


End-to-end in-house production capabilities for tailored solutions
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