MEMS Roll Gyro


Condor Pacific’s MEMS Roll Gyro (MRG) is a field proven MEMS gyro. Replacing a legacy mechanical gyro, thousands of MRG gyros have been supplied, with dozens of successful live firing tests. MRG has been fully field proven.

Field-proven solution

Dozens of successful live tests, MRG is a fully qualified and proven system.

MEMS solution replacing legacy product

Designed as a MEMS solution replacing a legacy gyro, MRG fits into existing projects with minimum changes

Cost effective

A cost effective solution without compromising on performance and military standards


Gyro full scale 200°/sec
Gyro Scale Factor analog output50mV/°/sec
Gyro scale factor, OTR0.5%
Non linearity error of input0.5%
Bandwidth (90° shift phase), configurable40Hz
Gyro Zero offset, OTR0.3°/sec
Noise (1-100 Hz)0.3deg / sec RMS
Misalignment (all axes), OTR3mRad
Weight 20gram
Start time1Sec
g sensitivity0.02deg/sec/g
Temperature-40 to +80°C
Parameters in table are Max.


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