MEMS Two Axes Gyro


Condor Pacific’s MTAG Seeker is a field proven small MEMS seeker gyroscope sensor unit. Designed to work under high shocks and vibration, MTAG incorporates three MEMS gyroscopes for full alignment calibration. MTAG sensors are fully temperature calibrated and isolated from high acoustic vibration.

Qualified for missile Seeker

Multiple live fire testing in different operational battle scenarios.

MEMS replacement for legacy gyro

A full Form Fit Function replacement for a legacy mechanical Seeker two axes gyroscope. Utilizing 3 MEMS temperature calibrated gyroscopes, all isolated for acoustic noise.

High vibration and shock resistance performance

Designed for military and defense use, MTAG has proven capabilities for operating under high shocks and vibration.


Gyro full scale (Pitch Yaw, Roll)75, 200°/sec
Gyro Scale factor (Pitch Yaw, Roll) analog output125, 50mV/°/sec
Gyro scale factor, OTR0.1%
Non linearity error0.07%
Bandwidth (90° shift phase), configurable60Hz
Gyro Zero offset, OTR0.2°/sec
Noise (1-100 Hz)0.007deg / sec / √Hz
Misalignment (all axes), OTR1mRad
Weight 82gram
Start time1Sec
g sensitivity0.002deg/sec/g
Current (max)110mA
Temperature-40 to +80°C
Parameters in table are Max.


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Condor Pacific redesigns legacy systems with cutting-edge MEMS technology in addition to offering its customers Low-cost, minimal-risk legacy replacements with high performance.
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