From Design to production

End-to-end in-house production capabilities

In house: Design, Qualification, Production and Testing

Complete production-chain coverage – from development to testing

Condor Pacific covers the entire production chain – from development and design to manufacturing and testing – to provide a total in-house solution. With its end-to-end production capabilities, Condor Pacific has the flexibility to tailor its production chain to satisfy the specific requirements of each and every customer.

Full-scale environment testing and QA meeting highest industry standards

Condor Pacific conducts environmental and QA testing to meet the highest industry standards. The Company is equipped with high-end equipment and facilities – including clean rooms (e.g. class 100, class 100,000), multiple rate tables, vibration shakers, humidity chambers, centrifuges, multiple temperature chambers, and salt fog chambers – to carry out comprehensive testing.

Mass-produced customized solutions for satisfying customer’s quantity demands

Condor Pacific offers a unique combination of a small-to-mid-sized staff and comprehensive in-house manufacturing capabilities. This enables the Company to mass produce its tailored solutions in order to fulfill all quantity demands of customers.

Deep Know How

Condor Pacific maintains decades of expertise and experience in developing and manufacturing a wide range of high-quality gyroscopes for the defense sector
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Condor Pacific redesigns legacy systems with cutting-edge MEMS technology in addition to offering its customers Low-cost, minimal-risk legacy replacements with high performance.
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