Customer centric approach

Customer-centric approach in development of tailor-made solutions

End-to-end accompaniment

Condor Pacific is committed to satisfying the demands of its customers. The Company accompanies clients through all phases of the design process, up to and including trials, to tailor each solution according to customer needs. Dedicated to developing long-term customer relationships, Condor Pacific upgrades legacy systems when desired and feasible.

Military and defense focus featuring extensive network, understanding and experience

Focused on military and defense since its inception, Condor Pacific maintains an extensive network across, and deep understanding of, the sector – its requirements, culture, expectations. With decades of industry experience, Condor Pacific knows that the accuracy and reliability of its products can be the difference between life and death.

A deep know how of customer testing / Low-cost, no-risk legacy upgrades

In Condor, we take part in the initial definition of the desired system with our customer and  tailor the exact solution fitting the specifications. As part of our work we participate in actual testing of customer systems and analyze actual data from our sensors.

Fully dedicated to its customers, Condor Pacific upgrades legacy systems when desired and feasible. By implementing new technologies within existing systems, Condor Pacific delivers low-cost yet high-performance solutions with no risk to the customer.


End-to-end in-house production capabilities for comprehensive, tailored solutions
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Condor Pacific redesigns legacy systems with cutting-edge MEMS technology in addition to offering its customers Low-cost, minimal-risk legacy replacements with high performance.
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