Custom Solutions

Our products, your system

Each project has it's challenges

Condor’s products are designed for the military and defense field. No project is the same. At Condor we believe that an “off the shelf” product for these applications is problematic, and there will always be a compromise: in performance, in cost in size etc.

All of our products are custom made

From spec to mass production, we design all project aspects. The product is tailored to  your needs regarding  cost and performance so you receive only what your system needs. Why pay for features and specifications that are not needed?

Your system, our responsibility

For more then 30 years we design systems for worldwide customers. We have established a long lasting relationship with our customers which allows us to participate in the initial requirements phase of many projects and give the optimal solution.

Looking to the future

Our goal is for your system to have the most fitting solution. Contact us for the best cost/performance solution, a solution that you can trust.

Our In-House Capabilities

End-to-end in-house production capabilities for comprehensive, tailored solutions

Customer Centric approach

Condor Pacific is committed to satisfying the demands of its customers with high performance.