Enhancing the specifications

MEMS IMU Calibration

Adding our calibration layer in to an existing project

Calibrating a MEMS IMU

Choosing an IMU for a military project is not an easy task. Cost, Size, performance etc. are crucial factors. What happens if everything fits except key specifications of the IMU? We could not add one of our accurate MEMS IMU as the system was almost fully designed.

Our challenge was to upgrade the IMU with minimum changes to customer system. We added our own hardware directly to the customer’s PCB. All readings from the MEMS IMU were diverted to our microprocessor, calibrated and sent to the main processing unit. Mimicking the signals from the MEMS IMU, offered zero changes to the system. Each card undergoes a full temperature calibration on our 2 axes simulator, and has it unique set of calibration parameters.

With minimum changes to the system, we upgraded all 3 gyroscope and 3 accelerometers signals from the MEMS IMU.

A small change can make a great difference!

Medium Range Guided Rocket.
The MEMS IMU that was chosen was lacking in performance, but was perfect in cost and size for the project.
We embedded our microprocessor and electronics inside the customer PCB, and each IMU was calibrated over temperature in a two axes rate simulator in Condor.


MTAG development: replacing our mechanical Seeker gyro with a MEMS substitute.
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Facing more than 100 g RMS vibration
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