Legacy Gyroscopes

Manufacture and support mechanical gyroscopes

The challenge in keeping legacy products is real.

Do you use legacy mechanical gyroscopes or IMU units? We are there for you. Condor pacific is in full production of legacy mechanical gyroscopes of various designs, and can replace legacy products with identical products. Either mechanical substitutes or MEMS fully compatible (F^3) products, are optional. We understand the challenge of keeping legacy products up and running.

Need an identical solution?

With full working Clean Rooms, equipped with all that is needed for manufacturing mechanical gyroscopes, Condor pacific can design build and test legacy mechanical designs.

  • In run bearing stations
  • Dynamical tune stations
  • TIG welding stations
  • Customized motor/PO winding

MEMS full replacement

Whether cost reduction or end of life gyroscopes, MEMS are replacing legacy products. On the other hand, changes to the system which can arouse form the new products are risky. We at Condor understand the problems and can design a full MEMS unit that can replace the legacy system. With numerus projects, our engineers have managed to successfully design a full replacement with no specifications reduction.

Custom Solutions

End-to-end in-house production capabilities for comprehensive, tailored solutions
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Condor Pacific maintains decades of expertise and experience in developing and manufacturing a wide range of high-quality gyroscopes for the defense sector.
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