In a Flash: More than Telemetry

Adding our calibration layer in to an exciting project

Custom add on for live missile test

The flash memory was added without any changes to signals output, mechanical design or any interface between IMU and customer system. A special test software was written for downloading the data post launch from the system.

Guided Missile.
In a specific live test the telemetry was not enough. Fast data from the IMU had to be analyzed. Recovery of the missile was possible. Our system had to Keep all inertial data for offline analysis.
We added and tested a flash memory into our system as per request, Tested the new design and supplied units for the test. A special software for downloading the data was written.
5 Months from initial specifications to successful live missile fire.


MTAG development: replacing our mechanical Seeker gyro with a MEMS substitute.
Case Study


Facing more than 100 g RMS vibration
Case study