About Us

"We are in the gyro business"

Seasoned team of experts

Founded in 1983, Condor Pacific is anchored by a cadre of management, engineering, production and quality assurance experts. With decades of accumulated experience in the defense sector, the Company’s team of seasoned professionals maintains a proven track record providing a full array of high-quality gyroscopes to public- and private-sector customers

Strong R&D capabilities

At the heart of the Condor Pacific organization is a strong R&D team with expertise in inertial sensors and systems, algorithm development, and systems theory. Combining vast R&D, test equipment design, and mass production capabilities, Condor Pacific provides comprehensive tailored solutions to customers based on specific needs and requirements

Array of high-quality reliable products

Condor Pacific produces a full range of gyroscopes – from rate and two-axes to IMUs and MEMS. With tens of thousands of units in operation worldwide, Condor Pacific is renowned across military and defense circles for delivering high-quality reliable products that stand up to the most stringent customer demands


Condor Pacific Ltd., CPL, was started in 1983. In those days the...


Condor Pacific redesigns legacy systems with cutting-edge MEMS technology in addition to offering its customers Low-cost, minimal-risk legacy replacements with high performance.